I was a senior research engineer at DJI Auto, leading the 4D reconstruction team. It aims to do city-scale reconstruction from only car’s cameras. Before that, I received my Ph.D. degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2022, advised by Prof. Chunhua Shen. Before coming to Adelaide,  I worked as a Partner at Humanplus Intelligent Robotics Co., Ltd, and led a team to develop an active-stereo camera. It is now sold worldwide and is widely applied in many industrial scenarios. I got my MPhil degree and B.Sc. degree at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

I am a member of AnySyn3D, a research interest group that conducts various topics about the 3D. We could host multiple remote/onsite internships,

I am interested in 1) 3D generation, 2) Gaussian Splatting, 3) World model in Autonomous Driving. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to drop me an email.


  • Feb., 2024, Two CVPR papers are accepted.
  • Jan., 2024, Two ICLR papers are accepted (GIM got Spotlight!, Congrat. to Xuelun Shen.)
  • Jun., 2023, Three ICCV papers are accepted.
  • Mar., 2023, One CVPR is accepted.
  • Mar., 2023, We achieve the CHAMPION on CVPR2023 monocular depth perception challenge.
  • Dec., 2022, One TPAMI paper is accepted.
  • Aug., 2022, One NIPS paper is accepted.
  • Jul., 2022, Two ECCV papers are accepted.
  • Apr., 2022, One paper is accepted to Transactions on Robotics.
  • Mar., 2022, One CVPR paper is accepted.
  • Jun., 2021, One TPAMI paper is accepted.
  • Jun., 2021, Our work ‘Learning to Recover 3D Scene Shape from a Single Image’ is in the CVPR’21 BEST PAPER CANDIDATE.


GeoWizard: Unleashing the Diffusion Priors for 3D Geometry Estimation from a Single Image

Xiao Fu*Wei Yin*Mu Hu*Kaixuan WangYuexin MaPing TanShaojie ShenDahua Lin , Xiaoxiao Long


WebPage / HuggingFace / Arxiv / Code

GIM: Learning Generalizable Image Matcher From Internet Videos

Xuelun Shen*, Zhipeng Cai*, Wei Yin*, Matthias MüllerZijun LiKaixuan WangXiaozhi ChenCheng Wang,

ICLR, 2024, (Spotlight, top-5%)

WebPage / HuggingFace / Arxiv / Code

GaussianPro: 3D Gaussian Splatting with Progressive Propagation

Kai Cheng, Xiaoxiao Long, Kaizhi Yang, Yao Yao, Wei Yin, Yuexin Ma, Wenping Wang, Xuejin Chen


WebPage / Arxiv / Code

UC-NeRF: Neural Radiance Field for Under-Calibrated Multi-view Cameras in Autonomous Driving

Kai ChengXiaoxiao LongWei YinJin WangZhiqiang WuYuexin MaKaixuan WangXiaozhi ChenXuejin Chen

ICLR, 2024

WebPage / Arxiv / Code

SC-DepthV3: Robust Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Dynamic Scenes

Libo Sun, Jiawang Bian, Huangyin Zhan, Wei Yin, Ian Reid, Chunhua Shen

TPAMI, 2023

Arxiv / Code

Metric3D: Towards Zero-shot Metric 3D Prediction from A Single Image

Wei YinChi ZhangHao ChenZhipeng CaiGang YuKaixuan WangXiaozhi ChenChunhua Shen

ICCV, 2023 (Champion in CVPR2023 Monocular Depth Challenge)

WebPage / HuggingFace / Arxiv / Code


Professional Activities

  • Journal Reviewer: Transactions on Robotics, Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • Conference Reviewer: ICCV, CVPR, AAAI, NIPS, ECCV, ICLR,


Prominent Awards

  • Achieve the Champion in CVPR2023 Depth Estimation Challenge (2023)
  • LeReS is shortlisted in CVPR 2021 Best Paper Candidates (2021)
  • Data61 Top-up Scholarship (2018~2021)
  • Adobe Gift Fund for Research (Twice, 2020)
  • China National Scholarship (2016)